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Estella-Lizarra´s Festivals
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In the 17th century, the patron Saint’s festivals were moved to august.
The tradition doesn´t mark any concrete date, only the beginning of the festivals must start the Friday before the first Sunday of august and it lasts one week. During the festivals, the happiness is showed in a participative way with popular celebrations as for example the running of the cows, “la bajadica del Puy”, “la pañuelada”, “la Abadejada”, and other activities that the visitant enjoys with surprise.

In Estella’s festivals the “La Era dance” can’t be missed. This folk event is so popular that everybody dances it in Navarre and in the bordering provinces.

Besides, two elements that stand out in the Estella’s festivals: the presence of the “Gigantes and Cabezudos” – a troupe of figures of Giants and Bigheads- and the pipe -an instrument which represents the Estella’s soul-. It is a wind instrument -it is known like “gaita” or “dulzaina” too-.Usually there are two pipe players ,accompanied by a little drum player. A Navarre festival is inconceivable without the penetrating and harmonic sound of the pipe. Estella stands out like the cradle of famous pipe players and the place where this musical treasure has been better kept.
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What´s on
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  • TARIMA BELTZA (Alsasua)

    TARIMA BELTZA (Alsasua)
    "Falsataff no cree en la otra vida"
    Dirección: Ion Barbarin
    Centro Cultural Los Llanos. 20:30 horas.
    Start the2017-04-21

  • LA PUERTA ROJA (Pamplona)

    LA PUERTA ROJA (Pamplona)
    "Por la Espalda"
    Dirección: Ángel Sagüés
    Centro Cultural Los Llanos. 18:30 horas.
    Start the2017-04-23

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